Monday, March 28, 2016

Instagram is changing... For the better!

How your Instagram feed will be changing.
So... a lot of artists I follow on Instagram have been making noise about the new change in Instagram's algorithm. The home feed wont be chronological anymore; it's becoming "smarter." Here's why I think it's a breath of fresh air.
Since I follow more than 1,500 accounts, I have really come to despise the chronological organization. Whenever I'm not online I know I'm missing good stuff that will be impossible to find later. Also, most of what displays in my feed isn't what I really want to see when I get a five minute break at work, making me scroll through a cluttered mess of food pictures.  The new algorithm will prioritize my home feed with content based on what I've liked before, adding content with the best engagement (what other people are really liking).  You may have already seen the "Top Posts" section when you search a hashtag - basically I see the new system as a transition to a lot more of that.
From a marketing perspective, at first it looks like my posts will get lost more easily.  But then again, I believe this new algorithm will boost my best posts! If a post is good enough it'll hang at the top of my followers' feeds for hours. Now it's a more strategic game than ever, but with better rewards for the good stuff!

Of course, if you really live for all your friends' food pictures then don't celebrate just yet...
What do you think of the new Instagram? Let me know in the comments below!
Oh, and here's a cool article that explains more:

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