Monday, December 31, 2012

Wristwear of the month – Sailormade

Casual attire is what most of us prefer.  Of course, the sharpness of a good suit makes us feel confident, but when we kick back and relax we dress accordingly.  But it’s important to avoid letting casual dress degrade to a disheveled extreme.  The best dressed people I know maintain consistent elegance throughout their wardrobe.  No matter what the setting, from casual to formal, they look really good, and therefore feel confident and at-ease.
In terms of wristwear, an excellent example of this is Sailormade - specializing in wristwear that centers around a nautical theme. Think of a sailboat; not only a work of art, but also a functional vessel that can withstand the harsh environment of the ocean.  This is the sort of durable elegance Sailormade is known for.  Their primary clasp design, the brummel, is actually a miniaturization of a hardware component used in sailing.

The Camden Wrap is one of my favorites.  The polished silver finish clasp and three strand cord give it a very clean look, while still being soft and approachable.  This is the type of wristwear that will help you step up your game when it comes to casual attire.  Be well put together even when you're relaxing - try these bracelets with your sweaters, fitted shirts, boat shoes, and chinos.

Each piece in the Sailormade collection will complement your style.  The Camden wrap can be found here.

Wristwear of the Month

As a designer, I spend time searching for new materials and keeping up with the latest in wristwear.  Occasionally, I come across some pretty cool stuff. At Riceling, my main focus is designing for men – a challenging task. In this series, I highlight the most outstanding work of other artists that I think are in line with the goals set here at Riceling.