Friday, August 31, 2012

Wristwear of the month – Recycled Leather

Ben Milam

What is better than a leather bracelet? A recycled leather bracelet.  One of the most desirable things is fashion is for your style to be an extension of yourself.  And one of the most fun things, for me, is seeing pieces that have been worn to the point they finally look like they belong on you.  That's when you become your own work of art – there is no other piece like it in the world.

Leather is incredibly suited to becoming a unique extension of you.  Think about a nice pair of shoes, or a belt, that conforms to your body when it’s finally broken in.  Well, the ingenious idea of artist Ben Milam was to take such articles of beloved leather and reincarnate them as wristwear.  An old leather coat worn through in a few spots has plenty of good leather to make into something new and cool – hence his company name, Cyclical.

Ben’s work certainly tops the charts when it comes to being cool! Ben designs leather wristwear on a huge spectrum: from bracelets I’m convinced

you could wear with a suit, to full-on pirate-style gauntlets (dagger included).  Ok, so the full gauntlets may be more than you can wear with confidence on most days, but a good, low-profile, leather bracelet is
incredibly versatile. From your business meeting, to just wanderin’ ‘round on a wilderness road, leather works all the way.


Where can you find these awesome works of art? The Portland Saturday market! Ben has been there for over 12 years now - but I’m sure if you contact him, he’ll let you know how to get his awesome wristwear even if you don’t live in Portland.

So, find some friends, get some breakfast at the Bijou Café, and head down to the waterfront to shop some wristwear. You might even find your inner pirate.


Wristwear of the Month

As a designer, I spend time searching for new materials and keep tabs on the pulse of wristwear.  As a consequence, I come across some pretty cool stuff occasionally. At Riceling, my main focus is design for men – a challenging task. In this series, I highlight the most outstanding work of other artists that I think are in line the goals set here at Riceling.

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