Thursday, November 8, 2007

Robot Update #2

Scientific Progress! Batteries Not Included.

Well, it's been confirmed: the $25,000 robot, connected to an industrial electrical outlet by a garden-hose-sized power cable, does indeed run on batteries!  Four D-cell batteries to be precise.  Actually, it’s not quite accurate to say that the robot runs on the batteries.  But, it’s all the same to me because it won’t run without them. 

The critical fact is this: the robot works.  Now I can begin important projects and have it do useful things like: make chocolate chip cookies, put chocolate chip cookies on my desk, make more chocolate chip cookies, and maybe even serve as the gold standard for comparing two 3-D motion tracking systems used in biomechanics.  

I’ve been told that, so far, the robot has only been used to entertain any kids who visit the lab.  Kids these days!  They can’t be entertained by anything less than $25,000 and complicated programming.  I suppose this is to be expected.  Most of the video games out there use the same mathematical models to generate graphics.  Just think, instead of reworking the brain of a robot, I could be figuring out how to make monster blood splatter more realistically!

Until I transition into the significantly more lucrative business of realistic monster blood, I trifle with scientific robot applications.